Load test with CPload

When building large complex infrastructures it becomes harder to validate if the performance you need can be provided by the system you’ve build. But customer demand for ever faster websites is growing by the day, how do you make sure you’ll be able to handle the next big sale or event on your web platform? I use a load generator that can replay access logs and has a way to slowly ramp up traffic to replicate a gradual or sudden inrush of traffic.

Cloudformation & Autoscaling

In this session we'll take a look at Cloudformation the Infra As Code language for AWS and how to use it to build endlessly scalable infrastructure and make sure your stack can handle anything.

Cloudformation and auto scaling, from the concepts to the details

Before you start Not every environment is ready for auto scaling, to be able to fully utilize these techniques your infra must comply with the following. No local state on the disks of application servers. Redeployable images: ec2 asg/spot fleet (ami) or in the case of ecs you need docker images. In case you want something to get started with, I would recommend using the linked below “hello world” docker image to get familiar with the way of working.