PDF Network Printing Without Drivers

I've created a small docker container that exposes an API and a web interface to receive pdf files and forward them to an IPP printer on the network.


An introduction to using CPload to tst your infrastructure.

Get ec2 arn for local ec2 machine with python

A super minimal urllib based arn constructor based on local metadata import urllib.request # local ec2 arn: f = urllib.request.urlopen('') az ='utf-8') f = urllib.request.urlopen('') instance ='utf-8') arn = 'arn:aws:ec2:' + az + ':instance/' + instance print(arn) This returns arn as used by the EC2 Spot Instance Interruption Warning event { "version": "0", "id": "03a51c99-95cb-c6e8-03a8-3ce3ac402d64", "detail-type": "EC2 Spot Instance Interruption Warning", "source": "aws.ec2", "account": "763603311319", "time": "2018-09-16T13:17:10Z", "region": "eu-west-1", "resources": [ "arn:aws:ec2:eu-west-1b:instance/i-05493b58ebcba0c43" ], "detail": { "instance-id": "i-05493b58ebcba0c43", "instance-action": "terminate" } }