Wi-Fi based dual relay on the cheap

I recently discovered the ESP8266 module, it comunicates over serial and you can flash it with custom firware like the arduino bootloader. The module is insanely cheap and realy versatile due to the replacable boot code.

Nagging about the old setup

The reason I started this project is the need for a more reliable relay connected to my domoticz home management system. Before this I was using 433Mhz based relays, at first just bit banging commands over to a 433Mhz transmitter and later with a RFXtrx433E. When I got any of these to work I was just relieved it did as expected and pretty happy with the results. After a while though the cracks started to show, everything has a noticeable delay and you cant send out commands too fast after each other or recievers will simply not react.

Solution Time

  • MQTT
  • Wi-Fi
  • small
  • cheap

I did a bunch of other projects based around MQTT pub sub systems and know for a fact if is fast, reliable and posible to run on a embedded devices.

I found a open source project that uses those techniques together with domoticz or openhab.

Later more on software and config

My first home made wifi based multi relay


In the last part of this spost I’ll list some of the hardware items used to create this device.

Part Function Qty needed Cheapest offer Seen at
ESP8266 Wi-Fi + microcontroler 1 €1.69 Aliexpress
Breakout board 2mm -> 2.54mm pins 1 €0.16 Aliexpress
2.54mm stackable pin headers Socket for the ESP 4x 8pins €0.24 Aliexpress
SRD-05VDC-SL-C T73-5V 10A High voltage relay 2 €0.60 Aliexpress

more to come this page will be updated in the future

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