Popular Movies

An api to pull in top popular movies from imdb This api was inspired by Steven Lu’s popular-movies project. I wanted to follow and filter the imdb moviemeter list but couldn’t find a direct api or a list from Steven Lu that reflected what I was looking for. So that’s where this project comes in. It is written in python and runs in AWS as a lambda fuction triggerd by an api gateway which sits behind a cloudfront to cache the majority of the requests.

NS International move to Aws

The term lift and shift was thrown out the window and we’ve build a fully automated instructure build pipeline to facilitate the apps. From old jboss to modern docker based apps. NS International, formerly NS Hispeed, is the rail operator in the Netherlands that operates international intercity and high-speed train connections with Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. NS International is part of the Dutch Railways. It currently operates both direct and indirect services.