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An api to pull in top popular movies from imdb

This api was inspired by Steven Lu’s popular-movies project.

I wanted to follow and filter the imdb moviemeter list but couldn’t find a direct api or a list from Steven Lu that reflected what I was looking for. So that’s where this project comes in. It is written in python and runs in AWS as a lambda fuction triggerd by an api gateway which sits behind a cloudfront to cache the majority of the requests. Within the function itself there’s also caching built in to prevent unnecessary calls to imdb and speed up responses to users if the data is already in memory.

If you want to see the code behind this api have a look at the gitlab project page.


Query Param Effect value ranges
fresh Only return current and last year releases true / false
year Return $year and newer (disabled with fresh) 4 number year
rating Return $rating and higher 0 - 10
votes Return movies with at least this many votes 1 - ∞
max Max returned movies 1 - ∞
list Select a imdb chart source default=popular popular / top

Example Queries:

curl | jq

$ curl -s -X GET 'https://aapjeisbaas.nl/api/v1/popular-movies/imdb?fresh=True&max=3&rating=6&votes=50000&list=popular' |jq
    "title": "Extraction",
    "imdb_id": "tt8936646",
    "rating": 6.8,
    "year": 2020,
    "votes": 101076,
    "popular movies 100 rank": 1
    "title": "Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker",
    "imdb_id": "tt2527338",
    "rating": 6.7,
    "year": 2019,
    "votes": 319690,
    "popular movies 100 rank": 2
    "title": "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood",
    "imdb_id": "tt7131622",
    "rating": 7.7,
    "year": 2019,
    "votes": 462778,
    "popular movies 100 rank": 6

Charts you can query

list param IMDb link api example
top https://www.imdb.com/chart/top/ https://aapjeisbaas.nl/api/v1/popular-movies/imdb?fresh=True&list=top
popular https://www.imdb.com/chart/moviemeter/ https://aapjeisbaas.nl/api/v1/popular-movies/imdb?fresh=True&list=popular


This list by itself isn’t all that exiting, the magic happens when you use it in Radarr as a list source. This api uses a structure that is compatible with the StevenLuImport so you can just input the query in the URL field.

Please use at a sensible rate of max 1 query per hour in your radar setup.

There seems to be an issue with the auto library clean future and StevenLu lists, so if you use this list you need to set: Clean Library Level to: Log only There are already multiple github issues open to solve this, unfortunatley this is not in the regular releases yet. (In the aphrodite branch this is fixed, but trust me it is unstable and you don’t want to run it.) issue 4014 pull req

The api in action

This table is created using the following url:


Movie Title Rating Year Votes IMDb

If you like this api and want to give something back please donate to keep it around and up to date.

method where
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